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Providing the high level of programing for our youth is costly. We are still in need of support to deliver this unique program. Please consider making a donation to change the life of a child in need.

Why Donate?

It’s as simple as knowing that your donation will change the future of a child and their families, allowing them to realize their full potential. It’s as simple as knowing that someone you love could attain their goals with your help. It’s as simple as knowing that our youth deserve to let their true spirit shine through.

Donate Because:

  • each child we help deserves every chance to succeed in life;
  • each donation, no matter how small, makes a difference;
  • each donation of $50 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt;
  • each donation directly funds programs for youth and their families; and
  • each donation means hope for youth and families who need a bit of help to take back control of their life.

These two little girls lost their mom just recently. It is children like them that we hold dear to our hearts 💖 It’s children like them that should inspire and motivate those truly wanting to be compassionate. We do what we do for children like them – Love without Limits. Support us in our efforts by being kind and loving to children like them 💕. With all our hearts, We Love You Chavanna & Camille and will support & guide you in your Healing Journey 💕

All donations will be administered by our partner organization Tamarack Foundation.

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Mail cheque to Tamarack Foundation:

510 Cynthia St 
SK S7L 7K7

Or Interac e-transfer to:

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