Cultural Program


The Cultural Program is unique to Awaken Our Spirit. We have developed and set up a Cultural Ground with Tipis, where we do our teachings. This summer we will have 3 tipis. We also have a Sweat Lodge for those that might need or want that kind of Spiritual Healing. Programming is set up to follow the Medicine Wheel Teachings as well as the Tipi Teachings, Circle of Courage and Spiritual Therapy.

Our Elders are gifted with Wisdom and Knowledge and are willing to support and assist all that attend our Focus on the Family – Awaken Our Spirit Retreat.

Our Cultural Program consists of:

Medicine Wheel Teachings

  • Four Sacred Medicines
  • Four Directions
  • Four Spirit Animals
  • Four Stages of Life
  • Four Daily Goals

Tipi Teachings

  • Tipi Building/Construction
  • Tipi Teachings
  • Tipi Engineering: Purpose

Circle of Courage

  • Belonging
  • Mastery
  • Independence
  • Generosity

Spiritual Therapy

  • Creator, first & foremost
  • Mother Earth
  • Praying
  • Smudging
  • Sweat Lodge

Traditional Cooking: cooking outside

  • Making and preparing smoked, dry meat
  • Making and preparing smoked fish
  • Bannock: fried & hot coal style
  • Cooking in a traditional fashion