Land-Based Learning

We are excited that Focus on the Family will offer a land-based program for the summer of 2022 that combines the strengths of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom, which will strengthen their view of Indigenous Culture, Language, & Traditions. Clients will have the chance to establish a positive relationship with the land through nature-based activities. Experiencing nature in authentic ways facilitates gaining a value and an appreciation of what Mother Earth has to offer.

The 2022 retreat season will have a theme-based educational program with four themes that will be used:

Water ThemeSolar System ThemePlants ThemeAnimals Theme
Diversity of living things in and around the waterSolar SystemTree diversity and identificationBirds, mammals, insects & reptiles  identification/classification
Water Types: Streams, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes, SpringsStarsPlant diversity and identificationLife cycles
Water cycleMonths through nature (Cree Names)Life cyclesHabitats, diet
Water is LifeTeachings from the AnimalsTraditional MedicinesVertebrates/invertebrates.

All themes will incorporate Indigenous worldviews using the Medicine Wheel, Tipi Teachings and Elders.

Each theme will have a diverse variety of activities and will build upon the client’s prior knowledge. The activities will aim to create meaningful connections with the land through hands-on learning and engagement of Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Land-based learning has many benefits; spending time in nature helps with recall and memory, problem-solving skills and creativity. Time in nature has also been shown to improve behaviours and promote positive communication and cooperation skills. Through the land-based program, the clients become good stewards towards Mother Earth, gain respect for their culture and come to respect the beliefs of others as a way of building positive relationships. The program also aims to actively engage clients in their healing journey, inspire their curiosity and respect of the world around them.